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Why use plenum cable | Conversions Technology

Why use plenum cable | Conversions Technology

We are going to be discussing why plenum cable is better than standard PVC or LDPE wire. Plenum cable has an extra fire barrier between the wires and can withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, compared with 350 for PVC or LDPE. This makes it a great choice when you're running cabling in the walls, under floors, or through ceilings that may come into contact with combustible materials like carpeting and furniture. It's also economical since it is more expensive but lasts longer than other types of wiring. So if you want your cables to last long and keep your office safe from fires then plenum cable is what you need!

 Plenum cable is a type of cabling that can be used in many different applications. It typically comes with an approved foil and braid shield to prevent EMI/RFI interference, which makes it the preferred choice for situations where you need cables near power lines or other sources of electromagnetic interference. The benefits of plenum cable extend beyond its ability to function well in high-stress environments like server rooms and airports. It also offers better data transmission speeds than copper wire because the physical shielding provides protection against external noise on your network connections. If you want to know more about what plenum cable has to offer, we’ve put together this blog post full of helpful information!  Where should I buy my next roll?


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