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Video Cable | Displayport, Cable 15ft

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The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) declare the final standard edition of the DisplayPort connector at present : as the inheritor of the DVI , DisplayPort will intensify the high defination audio signal's transmission while transferring the video signal.
What's more it supports the higher resolution and the refresh rate. DisplayPort supports the one lane , one direction, four-line connection, and it supports the data transmission rate up to 10.8Gbps which is enough to transmiter the uncompressed audio and video signal . At the same time, it also supports 1Mbps' bidirectional auxiliary channel for equipment control , Additional, it supports 8-bit deep color and 10-bit deep color. It applies themicro-packetisedformat when data transmission.
  • Support DisplayPort connector
  • Support 8-bit &10-bit Deep Color
  • Support the video&audio Bandwidth up to 10.8Gpbs
  • Support the 1Mbps' bidirectional auxiliary channel
  • Support the one lane , one direction, four-line connection