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Professional Tools | Multi-Function Wire Stripper

SKU 0405-0202

The professional self-adjusting wire stripper for the electrical and automotive enthusiast. The swivel knob micro-adjusts to strip wires smaller than 26 AWG and crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals from 10-22 AWG. It's constructed of durable nickel and chromium steel and includes a wire cutter, making it an overall more versatile tool.


Strip and Cut:

  • Wire strip and cut from 10-24AWG.
  • Length adjustment device: Control the length of wire be stripped.


  • Non-insulated terminals 10-24AWG.
  • Insulated terminals 10-24AWG.
  • Ignition terminals 7-8mm.

Usable as a Versatile Multi-Too...

The professional okta multi function wire stripping tool makes wire stripping fast and easy. This self-adjusting tool can strip wire from 10 – 26 gauge, stranded or solid core wire with one squeeze of the handles. The replaceable jaws grab the wire jacket, cut it and strip it away in one smooth motion. Built of solid high quality construction, the tool also provides connector crimping and wire cutting capabilities built-in to the handle. This one tool can replace several tools in your toolbox..

Ergonomic Design

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The ergonomic design of the handles on this tool provide a grip that does not strain or hurt the user. Combined with the automatically adjusting jaws and the light weight nature of this tool, the Okta professional tool can be used repeatedly with one hand without slowing down usage. This allows for applications that require large amounts of wire stripping to be performed both easily and quickly. With one hand on the tool, and the other inserting wires, there is no need to put this tool down while on the job, and the unique design of it prevents holding it from becoming a burden.

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