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Professional Tools | 10 in. Cable Cutting Pliers

SKU 0403-0303

Okta Professional tools Cable Cutting Pliers feature a forged head for lasting durability and high cut quality through the toughest applications. The Cable Cutting Pliers are designed with an optimized blade angle that will remain sharp when cutting through copper and aluminum cable. The cable cutting pliers offer rust protection for tough jobsite conditions. The Cable Cutting pliers feature a curved ergonomic handle with comfort grips that will not peel.

  • Beveled jaw head
  • Optimized blade angle
  • Comfort grips will not peel or dig into hands during extended use
  • Rust resistant
  • Forged strength design
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • 4/0 aluminum max capacity
  • 2/0 copper max capacity

Forged in steel...

With a high-leverage, hot-riveted pivot point, these cable cutters provide excellent one handed cutting. Designed to cut up to 2/0 copper and 4/0 AWG aluminum cables. Heat treated, precision ground blades ensure clean cuts


  1. Comfortable cushion grips reduce hand fatigue
  2. Beveled tips for positive mating
  3. Another awesome product attribute
  4. Hinge bolt with pin-set nut for proper blade tension
  5. Forged steel with black-oxide finish for long life

We only use the best process

how we make it .

tool steel is to position the ladle of hot molten steel over a vertical open-ended mold. The molten steel runs down through the cooled mold, and begins to harden near the mold’s inner surface. As more steel passes through the mold, the partially hardened metal continues to move down and then out onto water-cooled rollers. The result is a long, continuous bar or rod of steel.

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