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Precision-engineered die-cast metal 1-gang boxes serve as a connection point for conduits and are designed to accommodate a single wired device, like a switch or an outlet. Additionally, they're versatile enough to support the installation of lampholders and other lighting fixtures for outdoor use. Thanks to their robust die-cast build, these boxes are adept at warding off moisture, ensuring they're apt for environments that are wet, damp, or even dry. To bolster their durability against the elements, they come with a protective powder coating, which offers heightened resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, these boxes are characterized by their fortified connector outlets, guaranteeing a steadfast installation. As an added advantage, each box is equipped with mounting lugs, closure plugs, and ground screws that are pre-fitted.

  • Material: Rugged and seamless die-cast metal for durability.
  • Hub Layout: side entry 
  • Finish: Durable powder-coated in a sleek gray shade.
  • Dimensions: 2.80 inches by 4.50 inches with a 2.10 depth.
  • Hub Size: Optimally designed for a 1/2 inch hub.
  • Hub Count: 5 hubs for versatile connections.
  • Gang Compatibility: Suitable for 1 gang.
  • Capacity: Generous 18.3 cu inch storage.
  • Mounting Hardware: Comes with lug mounting.
  • Certifications: RohS UL 
  • Hub Locations: Strategically placed at the back and on each end for convenience.