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Copper Long Barrel Two Hole Compression Lugs 8 AWG 5/16 Inch

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The 98084E is a durable 2-hole copper compression lug designed for 8 AWG conductors, featuring a long barrel, 5/16-inch bolt size, and 1 3/4inch hole spacing. With a tin-plated finish and distinctive red color code, it ensures secure and easily identifiable electrical connections.

Product Overview

The 98084E copper compression lug is a versatile solution for electrical applications, accommodating 8 AWG conductors and providing a reliable connection with a 5/16-inch bolt size. Its long barrel design and 1 3/4inch hole spacing enhance flexibility and ease of installation, while the tin-plated construction ensures longevity and corrosion resistance. The red color code aids quick identification in complex wiring setups, making this lug a dependable choice for various electrical installations.


  • Material: Seamless Electro-Tin Plated Copper
  • Color: Red
  • Overall Length: 2.944 Inch
  • Barrel Length: 0.812 Inch
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Voltage Rating: 35 kV
  • Conductor Size: 8 AWG
  • Stud Size: 5/16 Inch
  • Die Index: I-21
  • Pad Size: 1.937 Inch L X 0.593 Inch W X 0.093 Inch Thk
  • Pad Holes: 2
  • Pad Hole Spacing: 1 3/4Inch
  • Barrel Type: Long Barrel with Chamfered Entry
  • Insulation ID/OD: 0.179 Inch ID X 0.272 Inch OD
  • Temperature Rating: 90 Deg C

Uses and Cases 

  • Panel Board Wiring: Ideal for securely connecting 8 AWG conductors, making it suitable for panel board wiring where reliable electrical connections are crucial.
  • Power Distribution Systems: With a 35 kV voltage rating, this lug is well-suited for applications in power distribution systems, ensuring reliable performance in handling medium to high voltage.
  • Industrial Equipment Connections: Suitable for use in industrial settings, providing a robust and durable connection for machinery and equipment that requires an 8 AWG conductor size.
  • Versatile Stud Size: The 5/16-inch stud size enhances versatility, allowing for use in various electrical setups and configurations.
  • Chamfered Entry Barrel for Easy Installation: The chamfered entry barrel design facilitates easy wire insertion, saving time and effort during installation, which is beneficial in a range of applications.
  • Temperature Resilience: With a temperature rating of 90°C, the lug can withstand elevated temperatures, making it suitable for applications with demanding operating conditions.
  • Color-Coded Identification: The red color code enhances visibility and simplifies identification in complex wiring setups, reducing the risk of errors during installation and maintenance.

Item Features 

  • Versatile Connection: Designed for 8 AWG conductors with a 5/16-inch stud size and 2-hole configuration for versatile electrical connections.
  • High Voltage Rating: With a 35 kV voltage rating, it ensures reliability in handling medium to high voltage applications.
  • Robust Construction: Constructed with seamless electro-tin plated copper for durability and longevity.
  • Secure Panel Board Wiring: Ideal for panel board wiring with a 9/32-3/4 inch hole spacing, ensuring secure connections.
  • Chamfered Entry Barrel: Facilitates easy wire insertion with a chamfered entry barrel design, streamlining installation.
  • Temperature Resilience: With a temperature rating of 90°C, it withstands elevated temperatures in diverse operating conditions.
  • Color-Coded Identification: Red color code for easy identification and management in complex wiring setups.

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