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 The 98056B is a copper compression lug designed for reliable electrical connections, featuring a conductor size of 250, 2 holes, 1/2in bolt size, standard barrel, sight window, and a tin-plated finish with a distinct yellow color code for easy identification. This lug provides a secure and durable solution for various electrical applications.

Product Overview

The 98056B 2-hole lug is a versatile electrical connector suitable for 250 kcmil conductors with a 1/2in bolt size. The lug's 1-3/4in hole spacing offers flexibility in installation, while the standard barrel and sight window provide convenience during inspections. The tin-plated finish ensures corrosion resistance, and the yellow color code allows for quick and accurate identification, making it a reliable choice for power distribution panels, industrial machinery, and other electrical systems.


  • Seamless Electro-Tin Plated Copper Material
  • Yellow Color
  • 4.594 Inch Overall Length
  • 1.063 Inch Barrel Length
  • Copper Conductor Material
  • UL 453G, UL 467, UL 486A/B, CSA Approval
  • 35 kV Voltage Rating
  • 250 kcmil Conductor Size
  • 1/2 Inch Stud Size
  • I-62 Die Index
  • 3 Inch L X 1.088 Inch W X 0.157 Inch Thk Pad Size
  • 2 Pad Hole(S) and 1-3/4 Inch Pad Hole Spacing
  • Standard Barrel Type
  • Size 0.593 Inch ID X 0.75 Inch OD
  • Barrel Type Chamfered Entry
  • Temperature Rating 90 Deg C

Uses and Cases 

  • Electrical Panels and Distribution Boards: Connect wires to circuit breakers and bus bars.
  • Power Distribution Systems: Connect power cables to transformers, switches, and other equipment.
  • Industrial Equipment: Connect wires to machinery, control panels, and electrical devices.
  • Renewable Energy Installations: Connect cables from solar panels or wind turbines to inverters and batteries.
  • Automotive Applications: Connect wires to batteries, starters, and other automotive components.
  • Two-Hole Design: Facilitates parallel connections or connection to multiple terminals.
  • Versatility in Confined Spaces: Suitable for applications with limited space or complex wiring configurations.
  • Secure and Reliable Connections: Provides a dependable electrical connection between conductors.
  • Conductor Size Capacity (250): Suitable for wires up to a certain gauge or diameter.
  • Common in Residential and Commercial Wiring: Used in both residential and commercial buildings for various electrical connections.
  • Compliance with Safety Guidelines: Adherence to safety guidelines and installation instructions is crucial.

Item Features 

  • Dual-Hole Flexibility: Two-hole design for versatile and secure connections to multiple terminals or conductors.
  • Generous Wire Capacity: Accommodates wires up to size 250, ensuring compatibility with a range of wire gauges and diameters.
  • Robust Industrial Construction: Built for industrial use, providing durability and reliability in demanding environments.
  • Streamlined Panel Wiring: Ideal for electrical panels and distribution boards, streamlining the wiring process with efficient connections.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Suited for confined spaces, offering flexibility in tight electrical environments.
  • Renewable Energy Integration: Well-suited for renewable energy applications, connecting solar panels or wind turbines securely to inverters and batteries.
  • Automotive Electrical Connectivity: Reliable in automotive systems, facilitating secure connections to batteries, starters, and other components.
  • Safety-Compliant Design: Adheres to safety guidelines, ensuring secure and reliable electrical connections.