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Insulated Aluminum Multi-Tap Connector

Multi-tap connectors are essential components in modern electrical systems, used extensively to tap into an existing conductor or to make parallel connections. Our insulated aluminum multi-tap connector is specifically designed for versatility, accommodating a range of conductor sizes and configurations to meet diverse connection requirements.

Product Overview

The insulated aluminum multi-tap connector featured here is a robust, two-port connector with a single-sided entry, designed for 4-14 AWG aluminum conductors. With a 600 V voltage rating, this connector is an ideal solution for various applications, including cold climates where it maintains its integrity down to -45°C.


  • Conductor range: 1/0-14 AWG
  • Number of ports: 2
  • Wire entry: Single sided
  • Insulation type: Plastisol
  • Connector material: Aluminum
  • Wire binding screw size: 1/4"
  • Wire binding torque: 8 AWG = 25 in-lbs, 4-6 AWG = 35 in-lbs, 2 AWG = 40 in-lbs, 10-18 AWG = 20 in-lbs
  • Voltage rating: 600 V
  • Temperature rating: 90°C

Use Cases

  • Tapping into an existing aluminum conductor
  • Making parallel or T taps in aluminum conductors
  • Connecting aluminum conductors to copper conductors


  • Insulated for safety and protection from the environment
  • Tin-plated for corrosion resistance
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Suitable for use in cold climates (rated to -45°C)
  • Accepts stranded or solid aluminum conductors
  • Dual rated for use with copper conductors

Install Instructions

  1. Strip the insulation from the ends of the conductors to the appropriate length (refer to the specifications table above).
  2. Insert the conductors into the connector ports until they are fully seated.
  3. Tighten the wire binding screws to the specified torque.
  4. Install the connector cap.

For more information on our insulated aluminum multi-tap connectors and other electrical solutions, contact us

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