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POD-X1 Air Kit

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This air kit includes a POD-X1 jump starter for gas-powered motor vehicles, and a 12V portable air compressor/inflator to pump up flat tires and inflatables.
The POD-X1 Air Kit is a must-have for road safety and backup power. It comes in a durable hard plastic case to take anywhere. The POD-X1 is smallest, powerful POD-X to date not only jump starts most cars,motorcycle, motorsports vehicle, also powers and charges all of your electronic devices such as iPods, tablets, cell phones, GPS units, PSPs, MP3 Players, Bluetooth devices and more. Charge it once and take it anywhere.

The 12V Portable Air Compressor/Inflator generates a powerful flow for various applications. It is handy to keep in the car for when you need to pump up a flat tire in emergency situations. This compressor is equipped with a powerful 12V motor, allowing for reliability and efficiency. It is suitable not only for vehicle tires but also bicycle inner tubes.

The POD Air Compressor works virtually anywhere an is able to draw power from the POD-X1, POD-X4, and POD-X5. It comes with three different adapter nozzles, allowing it to work with various things such as basketballs, rafts, pools and toys. An E-Z twist brass inflator connects quickly and securely.

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