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POD-X1 Emergency Tire Repair and Air Compressor Kit

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Repair flat tires and safely get back on the road with the POD-X1 ETRACK. Ideal for gas-powered motor vehicles.

The days of getting stranded with a dead battery or a flat tire are a thing of the past. Now you can easily take back-up power anywhere you go and not worry about coming back to a dead vehicle battery.

Never worry about your cell phone running out of power, especially when you need to make that important phone call. Just pull out your POD and get going, again, and again. Out in the middle of nowhere and you’ve punctured your tire? Now the Power On Demand ETRACK (emergency tire repair air kit compressor kit) makes it fast and easy to get back up and running. Simply use the proven Monster Seal and empty it into your tire, then use the POD air compressor and your tire inflates, so that you can leave your troubles behind.

Effectively repair flat tires and safely get back on the road with the POD ETRACK that features an industrial tire sealant, 12V portable air compressor/inflator to pump up flat tires and inflatables, wall charger, car charger, and a POD-X jump starter.