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Composite Audio Video Cord: Bridging Distances with Superior Connectivity

Introducing the Omicron Composite Audio Video Cord - a 12 ft length cord meticulously designed to connect your DVD player, TV set-top box, and VCR, even when they are located at far ends. This Sigma RCA Audio/Video cable is crafted to transfer an audio/video signal between devices that support composite RCA connections, ensuring a seamless and high-quality transmission of audio and video signals.

Key Specifications:

  • Generous 12 ft length to connect devices located at a distance.
  • 2.7mm Audio/Video Cables for robust signal transmission.
  • Nickel Plated Connectors to ensure superior connectivity.
  • Fully Molded Red, White, & Yellow Connectors for clear signal allocation.
  • Flexible PVC Outer Jacket for durability and longevity.

Optimal Use Cases:

  • Home Entertainment Systems: Connect your DVD player, TV set-top box, and VCR seamlessly.
  • Professional A/V Setups: Ensure reliable and high-quality signal transmission in professional setups.
  • Event Venues: Facilitate smooth A/V management during events with multiple displays and sound systems.
  • Commercial Displays: Manage commercial A/V displays efficiently with long-distance connectivity.

Choose the Omicron Composite Audio Video Cord for a reliable, durable, and superior audio and video signal transmission across your devices, ensuring high-quality output and connectivity in every use case.