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RV & Marine Products

Conversions technology recreational vehicle and marine industry solutions are designed to improve your recreational experience so that it can be truly enjoyable!

Decora Screwless Wallplates

Give that room the final touch.

Dot-less LED ribbon

Timeless Clean look with Dotless LEDS.

bulk cable & accessories

Electrical Junction Boxes

UL Non-Metallic Switch and Outlet Box nail and brake is designed for use with non-metallic sheathed cable

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Electrical Necessities

When you need the best picture quaintly

HDMI splitters, switches and cable

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Audio Video Cables

Tools to get the job done right

Tools designd for instalelrs

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Audio Video

Blog posts

  • Do I need a 8k HDMI Cable ?

    -Do you have an 8k set top box or off air system? - Are you looking for a cable to support your new 8k TV? If so, Conversions Technology HDMI cables are what you need! With our latest manufacturing techniques...

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  • Do you want to watch HDTV without paying

    Do you want to watch HDTV without paying for cable? The HDVision 360 antenna is the perfect solution. It’s a high-quality, high-gain antenna that provides excellent reception of local channels in full 1080p HD. You can also use it with your...

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  • Coax Cable

    For many households, coax cable is the backbone of their home entertainment system. The best way to ensure that everything works and looks great on your TV or computer screen is to make sure that you have a good quality...

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Conversions Technology is always up to date on what product works best and how it should be used.

James Evans

We have been using them for wire and cable shipments for five years now. They always provide the best pricing, so we will continue to do business with their company until they fail us in some way.

Bob Richards

Conversions Technology was our go to for audio and video products, never having any issues with performance or customer support.

Simon Lee