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AV Switchers

Are you sick and tired of getting up to unplug your cables from the back of your system in order to replug them back into your computer, roku, switch, PS4, Xbox, Wii, computer, blu ray player, FireStick and everything else that's connected?  How many times have you knocked one over, or dropped the cord behind the TV, or forgot which cable went to what device?  

You never have to do it again. 

When you turn on a new device the switch will automatically redirect the active source signal to your display.  Or if you are multi-tasking between systems, use the included remote to go back and forth between devices.  And for those of us don't want to deal with yet another remote, simply press the button on the switcher. 

It's time to just switch.  Don't get up.  Don't reassign cables.  Don't buy more cables.  Just hit a button and switch.  Convenient and practical for those of us with more devices than input ports... which is most of us.