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63A AC Isolator for Solar/PV Systems - 440V Designed for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, our 32A AC Isolator is engineered to provide secure and reliable electrical isolation at 440V. It's an indispensable safety device for any solar energy setup.

Key Technical Features

  • Current Capacity: 32 Amps, accommodating high-current applications within solar/PV systems.
  • Voltage Rating: Specifically designed for 440V AC, making it suitable for solar inverter and grid connections.
  • Safety Standards: Meets rigorous safety compliance for electrical isolation in solar energy systems.
  • Robust Construction: Built to endure the demanding conditions of solar power installations.


  • Solar PV Systems: Vital for the safe isolation of AC circuits during maintenance or in emergency scenarios.
  • Energy Storage Systems: Enables safe disconnection of AC power circuits within energy storage setups.
  • Industrial Use: Applicable in various industrial environments requiring reliable electrical isolation.

Our 63A AC Isolator for Solar/PV Systems is your solution for enhancing safety and reliability in high-voltage solar installations. Secure your system and protect personnel with this essential safety device.

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