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Experience the pinnacle of grounding solutions with our Permaground Bronze Ground Rod Clamp. Expertly designed for steadfast and long-lasting connections, this high-grade bronze clamp ensures versatile and reliable grounding in diverse conditions.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted with premium-grade bronze for optimal durability and conductivity.
  • Conductor Range: Versatile design catering to a 2-10 conductor range.
  • Ground Rod Compatibility: Tailored for a 3/4 inch ground rod.
  • Rebar Connection: Seamlessly connects copper conductor to ground rods and rebars.
  • Application: Suitable for direct burial in both earth and concrete environments.
  • Certification: cULus 467 listed, adhering to rigorous safety and quality standards.
  • Rating: Efficiently rated for 600 Volts and 90°C.


  • Electrical Grounding: A paramount choice for grounding electrical systems, mitigating voltage anomalies.
  • Infrastructure Development: An indispensable tool for diverse infrastructure projects requiring grounding components.
  • Residential Installations: Enhance home safety with grounding to protect against electrical malfunctions.
  • Commercial Implementations: Equip commercial spaces with this reliable grounding ally.

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