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RV Marine | Trailer Extension Cord 30 Amp Male with Grip Handle to 30Amp Female with Twist Lock Connector, 30 Feet, 125V/250V

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RV Marine Cord 30 Feet: Powering Adventures, Seamlessly!

RV Marine Cord 30 Feet: A Symphony of Engineering & Durability

Delve into a realm of uninterrupted power. Engineered to perfection, our RV Marine Cord brings together advanced materials and design precision, setting a benchmark in marine and RV power connectivity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: A generous 30-foot span, designed for flexibility and reach.
  • Conductivity Superiority: 10-gauge pure copper core ensures impeccable power transmission.
  • Robust Jacketing: Enveloped in a heavy-duty, flame retardant, and heat resistant jacket, resilient against external adversities.
  • Weather Resilience: Crafted to endure extreme weather fluctuations and temperature variances.
  • Certification: UL approved, symbolizing quality and reliability.
  • User-Friendly Design: Features an easy power grip handle on the male end, and a threaded locking ring on the female end, ensuring a secure and weatherproof connection.

Prime Use Cases:

  • RV Adventures: Ideal for powering RV trailers and campers, ensuring a seamless outdoor experience.
  • Marine Vessel Powering: Perfect boat to shore connection, energizing your marine journey while docked safely.

Empower your adventures, both on land and sea. Discover more about our RV Marine Cord and ensure a consistently powered journey, wherever you go.

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