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Do I need a 8k HDMI Cable ?

Do I need a 8k HDMI Cable ?

-Do you have an 8k set top box or off air system?

- Are you looking for a cable to support your new 8k TV?

If so, Conversions Technology HDMI cables are what you need! With our latest manufacturing techniques and advanced experience in the industry, we are able to provide the best warranty possible.    

What's more, our cables will support all of the new standards of HDMI 2.1!

-Will my 8k cable box work?

Yes, Conversions Technology cables will work with any set top box or off air system. This includes Comcast Xfinity and Cox boxes.

Do I need a special cable for my 4k TV?

No, you do not need to get a special cable for your 4K TVs. Our latest HDMI cables will work just as well! What's more, our cables are compliant with the latest HDMI standards and capabilities. You won't have to worry about compatibility issues in the future should your set up change!

-What does your warranty cover? Conversions Technology offers an unconditional

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