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Epsilon® | Audio Video Splitter/Extender | VGA 4 way splitter Extender 900 feet over cat5 over Cat5e 900 Feet

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VGA UTP Extender 1X4 Splitter with Audio: 

Introducing the VGA UTP Extender 1X4 Splitter with Audio, a meticulously designed device that seamlessly blends local displaying and remote viewing capabilities, creating a versatile solution for your audio-visual signal distribution needs. This device not only combines split and extension functions but also ensures the VGA signal and audio signal are distributed into two identical outputs simultaneously, providing a coherent and high-quality audio-visual experience across multiple displays.

Key Specifications:

  • Signal Distribution: Distributes VGA and audio signals into two identical outputs
  • Extension Capability: Extends VGA display up to 300 meters
  • Transmission Medium: Utilizes CAT-5e/6 cable for signal transmission
  • Receiver Functionality: Each receiver operates with the Sender as a full functional module
  • Remote Viewing: Four Receivers by Cat5 x1 receive and transmit to displays individually

Use Cases:

  • Conference Rooms: Ensure consistent audio-visual quality in presentations across multiple displays.
  • Education Institutions: Facilitate remote viewing in classrooms, ensuring lectures are accessible in various locations.
  • Retail Displays: Manage and display promotional content across multiple screens in retail environments.
  • Entertainment Venues: Distribute high-quality audio-visual content to various screens across the venue.
  • Corporate Environments: Enable remote participation in meetings and presentations through distributed displays.

The VGA UTP Extender 1X4 Splitter with Audio is not just a device; it's a comprehensive solution that ensures your VGA and audio signals are not only distributed but also extended to reach displays situated up to 300 meters away, using the most cost-effective CAT-5e/6 cable. Experience a world where your audio-visual content is not bound by distance or quality limitations, ensuring your presentations, content, and communications are always clear, vibrant, and impactful.

Step into a world where every display, near or far, is a reflection of clear, vibrant, and impactful audio-visual communication with the VGA UTP Extender 1X4 Splitter with Audio, ensuring your content transcends distance and quality limitations.