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Sigma Wire & Cable | Bulk, Thermostat 20/8 CMR; 20AWG, 8C, Unshielded, 250ft Reel (Brown)

SKU 660-233
Sigma Wire Thermostat wire 20 gauge 8 conductor Solid Copper CMR is designed for your Heating HVAC needs.

Rated 150-Volt
CMR Rated
Sunlight resistant (-20-Degree C to 60-Degree C)
20 gauge bare copper 2 conductors
Length - 500FT
Green compliant RoHS
low voltage
alarm systems

Sigma Wire & Cable....

I All our cables are made with the finest materials, imported and soured from only Eco friendly suppliers. When it comes from selecting a supplier for cable needs there is no coroner cut on quality. In today's market place its rare to find a company committed to price and performance.

Thermostat Wire cable

There is no substitute for hard work."Thomas Edison"

Thermostat Wire cable that is commonly used for low voltage systems, such as HVAC, the acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditions, controls. Sigma Wire & Cable is a leading manufacturer of Thermostat Wire, ranging from two conductor to eight conductor variants. Manufactured with solid bare copper* conductors, our Thermostat Wire is coated with a sun resistant jacket and is one of the leading choices for installers.

Thermostat Wire
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What is Thermostat Cable

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What is Thermostat Wire and what are its uses? A few of its applications are, power temperature controls, HVAC-based equipment, doorbells, door openers, burglar alarms, irrigation controls, as well as lighting controls. Sigma Wire & Cable manufacturer thermostat wire for indoor and outdoor installations.

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