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12-Ton Hydraulic Crimper for Compression Lugs

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The Conversions Technology ProCrimp 12T is a precision-engineered hydraulic crimper built for durability and performance in electrical, utility, and telecommunications sectors. This tool is adept at handling a broad range of cable sizes and types, ensuring versatile and reliable crimping results.

Technical Specifications

  • Connector Compatibility:
    • Aluminum Cables: 8 AWG Stranded to 750 kcmil
    • Copper Cables: 8 AWG Stranded to 500 kcmil

Use Cases

  • Utility and Industrial Applications: Ideal for creating high-integrity crimp connections in power distribution and assembly processes.
  • Telecommunications: Ensures secure and reliable connections within communication infrastructure.

Key Features

  • 180° Rotating Head: Enhances maneuverability and accessibility in tight spaces, facilitating easier operation.
  • Robust Design: Crafted for heavy-duty use in harsh environments, offering extended durability.
  • Compliance: RoHS compatible, adhering to strict environmental and safety standards.

Important Disclaimer

Note: Dies are not included with your purchase. Conversions Technology provides a full range of dies, from 8 gauge to 1000 MCM.

To purchase individual dies or die kits, please visit, or you can reach out to our support team for assistance:

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