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Unmatched Signal Distribution with the GSP Line of Premium Digital Splitters

Introducing the GSP line of premium digital splitters from Conversion Technology - a pinnacle of performance and durability in signal distribution. Crafted for those who demand the highest level of performance, these splitters boast low distortion capabilities and allow for high-level return path signals, making them the ideal choice for use with cable modems, set-top boxes, and similar devices.

Key Specifications:

  • Low distortion capabilities to ensure clear signal quality.
  • Enables high-level return path signals for versatile use.
  • Maintains product integrity even with high-level signals.
  • Corrosion-protected, tin-plated zinc alloy die-cast housing.
  • SCTE IPS-SP-400 compliant and waterproof sealed for durability in harsh conditions.

Optimal Use Cases:

  • Cable Modems & Set-Top Boxes: Ensures clear, reliable signals for cable modems and set-top boxes.
  • Residential Installations: Offers durable and high-performance signal splitting for home use.
  • Commercial Installations: Provides reliable, high-quality signal distribution in commercial settings.
  • Harsh Environments: Continues to perform optimally even in tough conditions thanks to its durable construction.

Choose the GSP line of premium digital splitters from Conversion Technology for your high-level signal distribution needs and experience a blend of reliable performance, durability, and peace of mind in all your installations.