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Splitter | 1000 MHz 4-way Digital Cable Splitter

The GSP line of premium digital splitters featuring low distortion and allows high level return path signals (cable modems, STBfs, etc.) while maintaining product integrity. The Housing is a corrosive protected zinc alloy die-cast that is tin plated and SCTE IPS-SP-400, waterproof sealed compliant.



Drop Splitter Specification(GSP-4ND)
Parameter Frequency Typical QC
Flatness 5-1002MHZ +/-0.5db
Insertion loss 5-550MHZ 7.2 7.4
550-870MHZ 7.3 7.8
870-1002MHZ 7.5 8.1
Return Loss(Input) 5-15MHZ 25 20
15-40MHZ 28 25
40-1002MHZ 23 20
Return Loss(Output) 5-15MHZ 25 20
15-40MHZ 35 30
40-1002MHZ 25 20
Isolation(Out to Out) 5-15MHZ 25 20
15-40MHZ 40 35
40-1002MHZ 30 20
RFI Shielding 5-1002MHZ 120dB
Spurious Signal1/4ND Harmonic Typical -55 dBmV, and worst -45dBmV, measured with a 55dBmV return input carrier after surge
Surge Withstand Capability IEEE C62.41-1991 100kHz Ring Wave,category A3(6kV/200A),all ports
Operating Temperature Range -40to +60
F Connector SCTE Compliant IPS-SP-400, waterproof sealed
Housing Corrosive protected, Zinc alloy die-cast, tin plated
Waterproof All ports withstand 15 Ibs./inch for 1 minute