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Conversions Technology 8kK Hybrid Inverter System

Conversions Technology 8kK Hybrid Inverter System

The Conversions Technology 10kK Hybrid Inverter System is an integrated solution encompassing an inverter, charger controller, and a display equipped with remote monitoring. This system is designed for easy installation in Grid-tied, Off-Grid, or Battery Backup solar setups and adeptly manages power across various sources like Solar, Battery, Grid, Loads, and Generator.

Key Features:

  • Grid Tied Mode: Monetize your power to curtail your electricity bill.
  • Meter Zero Mode: Neutralize your electricity charges without the need for a smart meter.
  • Time of Use: Strategically utilize solar and batteries to minimize dependency on grid power.
  • Programmable Smart Load Mode: Adapt to your energy consumption patterns.
  • DC and AC Coupling: Versatility in energy transmission modes.
  • Battery Compatibility: Compatible with a broad spectrum of battery chemistries ranging from Lead acid to Lithium.

Technical Specifications:

  • AC Voltage: 120/240V (split phase)
  • AC Frequency: 60/50 Hz
  • Max Continuous AC Output Power: 8kW
  • MPPT Voltage Range: 125-425V
  • Max Input Current: 26Amp (per MPPT)
  • Inverter Efficiency: 96.0%
  • Listings & Certifications: UL1741-2010/2018, IEEE1547a-2003/2014
  • Weight: 98 lbs

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