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HDMI is a standard for cables that carry digital audio and video data from one device to another. These cables are important because they transmit uncompressed high-definition digital video and multi channel stereo or surround sound without interference or distortion, providing the cleanest picture possible. This not only makes everything on your TV look better, but can also give you access to content you never thought possible before.

This product is great for people who want their television viewing experience to be just as flawless as what Hollywood intended it to be! With this cable, 4K Ultra HD 2160p/60Hz resolution becomes an option instead of being something society has resigned ourselves too. But don't forget about all the other goodies this tech delivers--Quad


Standard benefits:

  • Supports 4K at 60Hz, 18Gbps speeds.
  • Soldering points are covered by thick aluminum shell.
  • Emotional benefits:
  • Less cables means slimmer cable management box.
  • Compatible with any device bearing the HDMI logo