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RV/Boat 12V LED Interior/Reading Light, Flexible, 1W, Surface Mount

SKU 695-050

695-050 12V LED Interior/Reading Light for RV/Boat, Flexible, 1W, Surface Mount

This interior light is vibration tested and installs directly into most 12V systems, making it perfect for any RV, boat, marine, bus, or travel trailer application. The brushed nickel finish and low profile base offers a sleek and stylish look after installation. A crystal-clear acrylic lens enhances the beam, providing ample light while using much less energy than most ordinary interior lights.

The flexible neck and state-of-art-LEDs illuminate where you want without the need of adding a second light or creating unnecessary power drain. This unit hard wires directly into the existing power supply in your RV, boat, trailer, or camper. It has been built to withstand a long life - whether on the road or on the water.


  • Suitable interior lighting for RV, camper trailer, marine or yacht

  • Voltage: 12Volt DC

  • Wattage: 1W

  • High quality led chips for sustainable light and low energy usage

  • Lighting color: Natural white

  • Stylish brushed nickel finish

  • Sleek, elegant design

  • Bright LED light source to illuminate any indoor activity

  • Clear acrylic lens amplifies light without additional energy consumption

  • Convenient push button - no more stopping to find the correct switch on a distant wall

  • Easy installation - clearly labeled, simple design

  • Low profile base - clean look, even after installation

  • User-friendly wiring - red (positive) / black (ground)

  • Surface mounted - ceiling or wall preferred

  • Hardware included - two small screws + hex key