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Sigma Wire & Cable | Bulk, Thermostat 18/2 CMR; 18AWG, 2C, Unshielded, 500ft Reel (Brown)

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Sigma Wire 18 AWG 2 Conductor Solid CL2R Rated Thermostat Cable: Elevating Your In-Wall Installations

Introducing the Sigma Wire 18 AWG 2 Conductor Solid CL2R Rated Thermostat Cable, meticulously engineered with 2 wires (Red, White) encased in an In-Wall Riser Rated Jacket. This thermostat cable, specifically rated for in-wall installation, adeptly supports certain low-voltage applications and emerges as the ideal choice for class 2 remote-control, signaling, and power-limited circuits. Our thermostat cables are CMR and CL2R certified, meeting UL 1685 Vertical Tray standards, making them a perfect fit for commercial or residential installation in vertical floor-to-floor runs where the length exceeds one story.

Features & Benefits:

  • CL2R Rated Jacket: Ideal for in-wall residential or commercial installations in vertical floor-to-floor runs.
  • Voltage Rating: Can handle up to 150 Volts, ensuring safe and efficient energy transmission.
  • Temperature Range: Operates efficiently between -20°C to 60°C.
  • UL Listed and RoHS Compliant: Adheres to safety and environmental standards.
  • Availability: Obtainable in Brown 500 ft spools, ensuring ample length for various installations.
  • Spool Packaging: Facilitates easy installation and storage.

Standards Compliance:

  • UL 1685 Vertical Tray and UL 1666: Ensuring the cable meets stringent safety standards.
  • UL Standard 13: Power Limited Circuit Cable compliance for safe electrical practices.
  • NEC Article 725: Adhering to the National Electrical Code for safe installation practices.
  • RoHS Compliant: Ensuring the cable is free from hazardous substances and environmentally friendly.

Why settle for less? Elevate your electrical installations with our Sigma Wire 18 AWG 2 Conductor Solid CL2R Rated Thermostat Cable. Contact us for more information and enhance your installation standards today.

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