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Conversions Technology Epsilon® 4K HDBaseT 1x4 Splitter/Extender: The Vanguard of HDMI Distribution

Conversions Technology Epsilon® 4K HDBaseT 1x4 Splitter/Extender: The Epitome of HDMI Distribution Excellence

Step into an era where HDMI distribution is not just about transmitting signals but doing it with unparalleled panache. The Epsilon® 4K HDBaseT 1x4 Splitter/Extender from Conversions Technology is a masterstroke of design and function. Imagine the grandeur of 4K resolution flowing effortlessly across vast spaces, painting pristine visuals on screens far and wide. With the HDBaseT transmission protocol's magic, this device unfurls the beauty of HDMI, ensuring each pixel reaches its destination. The Power over Cable (PoC) feature dances in perfect harmony, offering the freedom to place receivers even in the most inaccessible nooks, eliminating the need for AC power.

Signature Specifications:

  • Stellar Resolution: Unfolds HDMI magic with resolutions reaching up to 4K.
  • HDBaseT Protocol: Harnesses the power of efficient and steadfast signal distribution.
  • Power Over Cable: Enables receiver installations even in power-devoid spots.
  • IR Signal Extension: Command the source device from afar with extended IR signals.
  • Impressive Reach: Transmits signals up to 70 meters (230 feet) using a lone Cat5e/6 cable.

Envisioned Use Cases:

  • Home Theater Marvel: Ideal for cinephiles aiming to spread HDMI allure across multiple distant displays.
  • Digital Signage Maestro: Perfect for captivating multiple screens with a single HDMI source.
  • Conference Room Ace: Adorns conference rooms with presentations across several remote screens.
  • Academic Brilliance: Elevates classroom experiences, distributing HDMI sources to enthral every pupil.

With its blend of unmatched 4K resolution, the prowess of HDBaseT protocol, and the freedom of Power over Cable, the Epsilon® 4K HDBaseT 1x4 Splitter/Extender stands as the beacon of HDMI distribution solutions.

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