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HDMI 8-Way Splitter

HDMI 8-Way Splitter

Do you have multiple televisions but only one HDMI source? The HDMI 8-way splitter is here to solve that problem. This device distributes the digital signal to all of your designated TVs, allowing them to enjoy media seamlessly.


  • Splits the incoming digital signal into eight separate outputs
  • No loss in intellectual content
  • Easy to use

Use Cases:

  • Multiple televisions with one HDMI source
  • Home theater systems
  • Conference rooms
  • Classrooms

This HDMI 8-way splitter splits the incoming digital signal into eight separate outputs, ensuring that you do not lose any intellectual content. With its easy to use design, you can easily switch between movies, TV shows, and other media without any hassle. Invest in the HDMI 8-way splitter for a seamless media experience in multiple rooms.