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EMT Compression Coupling - Steel with Zinc Plated 2”

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EMT Compression Coupling - Steel with Zinc Plated 2” 

Steel EMT compression couplings are used to connect the ends of two EMT conduits together to extend raceways. The steel construction also makes sure the mechanical protection and the connection between one conduit to another.


  • Steel

  • Zinc Electro-Plated

  • Concrete-tight

  • Suitable for applications above 600 Volts

  • Steel Construction: Provides durability and mechanical protection for the connected conduits.

  • Zinc Electro-plating: Enhances corrosion resistance, especially in damp locations.

  • Compression Design: Creates a secure and concrete-tight seal between the conduits.

  • High Voltage Rating (600V+): Suitable for a wide range of electrical applications.

  • Multiple Size Options: Available in various sizes to accommodate different EMT conduit diameters.

  • Larger Sizes for Rigid and IMC Conduits: Offers versatility for use with different conduit types (refer to manufacturer's specifications).

Application Use Cases:

  • Extending Raceways: Designed to securely connect two EMT conduit ends to extend the electrical pathway.

  • Wet Locations: The concrete-tight seal prevents moisture intrusion, protecting electrical components in damp environments.

  • High Voltage Applications: The 600V+ rating allows for use in various electrical projects.


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