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Precision-engineered for housing dual wired devices, these die-cast metal 2-gang boxes are ideal for switches, outlets, and outdoor lighting fixtures, offering robust protection and versatile wiring configurations.


  • Material: Seamless die-cast metal for enhanced durability.
  • Finish: Applied gray powder-coating for a sleek, protective exterior.
  • Dimensions: Measures 4.56" x 4.56" with a depth of 2.10".
  • Hub Size: Fully compatible with 1/2" hubs.
  • Hub Count: Features 7 hubs to accommodate comprehensive wiring schemes.
  • Gang Compatibility: Specifically designed for 2 gangs, allowing space for multiple devices.
  • Mounting: Equipped with lug mounting for a secure, reliable installation.
  • Certifications: Compliant with RoHS and UL standards, ensuring adherence to safety and quality benchmarks.
  • Hub Locations: Strategically placed at the back and sides to enable optimal wiring pathways.

Installation Instructions

  1. Determine the ideal installation location in line with your wiring layout.
  2. Fix the box in position utilizing the pre-fitted mounting lugs.
  3. Attach conduits to the hubs to ensure a robust connection.
  4. Carry out the wiring and connection of your devices within the box.
  5. Secure your devices to the box using the screws provided.
  6. Employ closure plugs to seal off any unutilized hubs, safeguarding against the elements.
  7. Lastly, link the ground wire to the ground screw to enhance safety measures.

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