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2 In One Hydraulic Battery Powered Crimping And Cutting Tool

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 Conversion Technology Hydraulic Crimping and Cutting Tool, a cutting-edge solution for the electrical insulation industry. This advanced tool combines the power of six tons of force with the versatility to switch seamlessly between crimping and cutting functions. Equipped with long-lasting 18 Volt lithium-ion batteries, it offers an impressive 130 cycles per charge. Designed for professional electricians and industrial installers, this tool efficiently handles up to 30 mm² armored copper or aluminum cables.

Key Specifications

  • Force: 6 tons of crimping and cutting power
  • Battery Life: 130 cycles per charge
  • Battery Type: 18 Volt lithium-ion
  • Cutting Capability: Up to 30 mm² armored copper or aluminum cable
  • Die Sizes Included:
    • 4 AWG
    • 3 AWG
    • 2 AWG
    • 1/0 (0 AWG)
    • 2/0 (00 AWG)
    • 3/0 (000 AWG)
    • 4/0 (0000 AWG)
    • 300 MCM
    • 350 MCM
    • 450 MCM
    • 600 MCM

Kit Components

  • 13 precision dies for various wire gauges
  • Two 18 Volt lithium-ion batteries
  • One interchangeable crimping head
  • One interchangeable cutting head
  • Durable strap for easy carrying
  • Efficient battery charger
  • Rugged plastic carrying case for protection and portability

Use Cases

  • Ideal for professional electricians and industrial installers
  • Designed for heavy-duty crimping and cutting applications
  • Perfect for use in electrical insulation tasks
  • Suitable for on-site operations requiring high mobility and flexibility
  • Essential for maintenance and installation of armored copper and aluminum cables


  • Versatile: Switch heads seamlessly from crimping to cutting
  • Powerful: Delivers 6 tons of force to handle tough materials
  • Long-Lasting: 130 cycles per battery charge ensures extended usage
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes all necessary components for immediate use


  • Efficiency: Saves time with quick head-switching capability
  • Reliability: Robust design ensures consistent performance
  • Portability: Lightweight and easy to transport with a carrying case and strap
  • Safety: Precision-engineered for secure and accurate operations

Engineered for durability and performance, this tool ensures precise, reliable operations for demanding electrical insulation tasks. Experience the next level of innovation in electrical insulation with Conversion Technology’s state-of-the-art hydraulic crimping and cutting tool.

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