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 Conversions Technology HR Series DBS Splitters excel in delivering satellite signals with unparalleled clarity and strength. These splitters are distinguished by their low insertion loss, comprehensive frequency range, and innovative power passing feature.

Key Technical Features

  • Frequency Range Support: Accommodates signals from 5 to 2150 MHz, ensuring compatibility with a broad array of satellite services.
  • Industry-Leading Low Insertion Loss: Minimizes signal degradation to deliver enhanced signal quality.
  • Single Port Power Passing: Facilitates direct power supply to satellite receivers, eliminating the need for external power sources.
  • High Signal Isolation: Maintains a clean and interference-free signal distribution across multiple outputs.

Use Cases

  • Satellite TV Systems: Optimizes signal distribution for satellite TV, ensuring high-quality reception across receivers.
  • Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs): Manages signal distribution in apartments, hotels, and similar settings with efficiency and reliability.
  • Custom AV Installations: Provides the backbone for complex audio-visual setups requiring precise satellite signal management.

The HR Series DBS Splitters by Conversions Technology redefine satellite signal distribution with their advanced features and versatile application potential, making them the ideal choice for various environments and setups.

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