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Sigma Wire & Cable | Patch Cord | Cat8, S/FTP Stranded Bare Copper, Round 25ft

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Sigma Wire Cat8 jumpers provides the latest in cable technology 40GBASE-T over one single cable. It is used beneficially innTCP/IP UDP applications where bit correct, jitter-free data transmissions are critical, e.g. 4k and 8k video streaming , high quality music streaming, gaming, data centers, in-building installation such as hotels, conference facilities, and others.

Performance better than "8.2" according to preliminary specifications IEC61156-10-Astonishing future proof
transfer speeds



Excellent NEXT(=crosstalk),very low dampeningand mutual lead pair interference-Bit correct transfers



Low dampening-long cable lengths without signal degradation or voltage drops for PoE



Excellent shielding, both pair and total-Almost completely interference immune with very low pick-up






Low jitter, perfect timing-Very low bit stream timing errors gives low Needs for error corrections, thus high transfer speeds






Supra Connectors-Allows for maintained
transmission performance Also under tough service conditions

Bandwidth that 2,000MHz



Flame retardant, halogen-free-Allowed in public paces and buildings