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Conversions Technology Traffic Cones

Conversions Technology traffic cones are a must-have for anyone who works in traffic safety or management. The 28" wide, 7lb cones are made of injection molded PVC and reflective for visibility day or night. They also feature a rubber base for excellent stability and anti-skid performance. Whether you're using them to mark a construction site, direct traffic, or create a temporary barrier, Conversions Technology traffic cones will help you get the job done safely and efficiently.


  • High-Visibility Design: Reflective material ensures visibility both during the day and night.
  • Robust Construction: Made of injection-molded PVC, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Stable Base: Features a rubber base, providing excellent stability and anti-skid performance.
  • Dimensions: Each cone stands 28" wide and weighs 7 lbs.

Perfect for marking construction sites, directing traffic, or setting up temporary barriers, Conversions Technology traffic cones prioritize safety and efficiency, ensuring smooth operations in any environment.

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