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Bronze Ground Clamp with Lay-in Lug | Grounding Solutions

Bronze Ground Clamp with Lay-in Lug for 10 - 2 AWG Wire

This versatile ground clamp is the perfect solution for safe and effective grounding in both residential and commercial settings.

Key Specifications

  • Material: Made from durable, corrosion-resistant bronze.
  • Clamping Range: Fits pipe sizes from 3/8 in. to 1 in., ensuring wide compatibility.
  • Wire Compatibility: Easy wire insertion for 10 - 2 AWG sizes with a practical lay-in lug feature.
  • Connection Quality: Serrated clamping surface secures tight connections to prevent electrical faults.
  • Certification: UL Listed, confirming adherence to high safety and performance standards.

Use Cases

Essential for grounding applications, suitable for:

  • Connecting grounding conductors to water pipes and gas lines.
  • Ensuring safety in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Use by professionals and DIY enthusiasts for dependable grounding practices.

Invest in the 3/8 in. to 1 in. Bronze Ground Clamp with Lay-in Lug for a reliable grounding solution that ensures peace of mind and enhanced electrical safety.