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Audio Video Matrix | 4x4 HDMI Matrix, 18Gbps | HDMI2.0 and HDCP 2.2

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Ultimate 4K Multi-Screen Projection Solution for Professionals

Introducing Our New Multi-Screen 4K Projection Solution: Precision, Clarity, and Control in Every Pixel

Unlock a world of pristine, ultra-high-definition content projection across multiple screens with our innovative new product, meticulously designed for professionals who demand simultaneous content projection with utmost clarity, precision, and control. With an array of advanced features, including 18 HDMI inputs and outputs, HDCP2.2 compatibility, and 4K resolution output, this device is engineered to deliver the superb quality you desire, without the hassle or exorbitant expense.

Key Specifications:

  • HDMI Inputs/Outputs: 18 different HDMI inputs and outputs for versatile connectivity.
  • HDCP2.2 Compatibility: Ensures content protection against unauthorized views and piracy.
  • IR Remote Control Support: Facilitates seamless control over content projection on different screens.
  • 4K Resolution Output: Delivers ultra-high-definition, crisp, and clear visual output.
  • RS232 Protocol: Enables precise control and tweaks for handling events effortlessly.

Use Cases:

  • Presentation Precision: Ensure every detail of your content is vividly projected in professional presentations.
  • Application Demos: Showcase your applications in true 4K, highlighting every feature in stunning detail.
  • Event Management: Manage visual content across multiple screens during events with ease and precision.
  • Video Conferencing: Engage in crisp, clear, and high-definition multi-screen video conferences.
  • Content Creation: Preview and review your creations in true 4K across multiple screens.

Experience true 4K video across up to four screens, exactly how it was intended - where crisp, clear HD resolutions bring every detail of your masterpieces to life. Control what is seen by each screen, individually or collectively, through our IR remote control or RS232 protocol, making handling events and presentations an absolute breeze. With HDCP2.2 content protection, you can present with confidence, without worrying about unauthorized views or content piracy during your presentations.

Step into a realm where every pixel is a testament to clarity, precision, and control with our new multi-screen 4K projection solution, ensuring your content is not just seen, but truly experienced, in every detail, on every screen.

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