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Advanced Self-Test GFCI for Optimal Safety

Experience peace of mind with our Self-Test GFCI, designed to offer unparalleled safety and convenience. Its automatic three-second testing ensures it's ever-ready to guard against electrical hazards. A unique feature alerts if the device needs replacement, and its safety design ensures no electricity flow if critical components are compromised.

Technical Specifications & Features:

  • Automatic Testing: Conducts a test every three seconds for consistent protection.
  • Alert System: Flashing indicator light for immediate replacement if the test fails.
  • Critical Component Protection: Cuts off the circuit if damaged, ensuring no electricity flow.
  • Design Advantage: Thinner than competitors, providing more room for wires in the box.
  • Feed-Thru Wiring: Allows GFCI to safeguard downstream receptacles.
  • Safe Wiring: Prevents line-load reversal miswire ensuring no power if incorrectly wired.
  • Button Design: Dual-direction test and reset buttons that match the device face.
  • Installation Flexibility: Offers both back and side wire terminals.
  • Hassle-Free Setup: Comes with captivated mounting screws for easy installation.

Equip your premises with our Self-Test GFCI and elevate safety standards, ensuring protection against unforeseen electrical mishaps.