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Professional Tools | Automatic Wire Stripper (AWG18/14/12/10/8)

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Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper: The Essential Tool

Imagine a tool that melds seamlessly with the hands of the electrical and automotive aficionado. Crafted with an unparalleled finesse and designed to precision, this wire stripper is more than just a tool—it's an experience. Its radiant nickel and chromium steel body exudes durability and class. It promises more than mere functionality; it pledges versatility and elegance.

Standout Features:

  • Seamless Spring Design: Ingeniously concealed, bid adieu to spring issues.
  • Precision Markings: Crystal clear scale on the blade ensures impeccable stripping every time.
  • Effortless Adjustments: In-built quick stripping length adjuster. No fuss, no external attachments.
  • Uncompromising Safety: An exclusive safety hole, making it an ally for aerial work.
  • Clean and Precise: Masterfully crafted for a clean cut without damaging wires.
  • Featherlight: Ergonomically designed for a delightful user experience, minimizing fatigue.


  • Material: Durable nickel and chromium steel
  • Stripping Capability: Micro-adjusts for wires smaller than 26 AWG
  • Crimping Range: Crimps both insulated and non-insulated terminals from 10-22 AWG
  • Additional Features: Incorporated wire cutter

Perfect For:

  • Electrical Aficionados: An indispensable tool for every electrical project.
  • Automotive Enthusiasts: Tailored for intricate automotive wire works.
  • Professionals and Hobbyists: A must-have for everyone, ensuring precision and safety.

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