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Professional Tools | Adjustable Multi-Function Wire Stripper

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Conversions Technology Professional Self-adjusting Wire Stripper

Conversions Technology Professional Self-adjusting Wire Stripper

Step up your wiring tasks with the precision-engineered self-adjusting wire stripper by Conversions Technology. Designed for professionals in the electrical and automotive sectors, this versatile tool boasts superior functionality and durability, crafted meticulously from robust nickel and chromium steel.

Strip & Cut Features:

  • Wide Range Stripping: Efficiently strips and cuts wires ranging from 10-26AWG (0.15-6mm).
  • Spring Button Adjustment: Tailor the tool to strip wires from a maximum of 8AWG(8mm) to a minimum of 30AWG (0.05mm).
  • Length Control: Built-in length adjustment device to control and standardize the stripped wire length.
  • Compatibility: Optimized for Romex cable 14/2, 12/2, and NM-B cable 10-14AWG.

Crimp Features:

  • Versatile Crimping: Crimps both open barrel disconnected terminals and non-insulated terminals ranging from 10-22AWG (1.5 to 6.0 mm).
  • Insulated Terminal Compatibility: Ideal for crimping insulated terminals from 10-22 AWG (1.5 TO 6.0 mm).

Going beyond mere stripping and crimping, this tool also integrates a wire cutter, making it a comprehensive solution for all wire-related tasks. Experience precision, durability, and versatility in one compact tool with the Conversions Technology Professional Self-adjusting Wire Stripper.