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The Conversions Technology offers secure connectivity for conductor sizes ranging from 6 AWG to 250MCM, ensuring dependable electrical connections. This lug bag provides reliability and ease of use in various wiring applications.

Product Overview

The Conversions Technology is a versatile solution designed to accommodate conductor sizes from 6 AWG to 250MCM, offering flexibility in wiring configurations. This lug bag ensures reliable and secure electrical connections across diverse applications. Its user-friendly design and adaptability make it an ideal choice for various wiring scenarios, meeting stringent industry standards for performance and safety. The 99005 simplifies installation and guarantees enduring connectivity in multiple electrical setups.


  • Chamfered Wire Entry Type
  • Electro-Tin Plated High Strength 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Material
  • Overall Length: 2 Inches
  • Conductor Size: 6 AWG minimum, 250 kcmil maximum
  • Conductor Material: Aluminum/Copper
  • Number of Pad Holes: 1
  • Pad Type: Straight
  • Screw Type: 5/16 Inch Hex
  • Temperature Rating: 90 Deg C

Uses and Cases 

  • Industrial Machinery: Used in industrial equipment and heavy machinery setups where secure and reliable electrical connections are crucial for smooth operations.
  • Utility Installations: Commonly found in utility applications, such as substations and power distribution systems, where durable connections are required for high-voltage environments.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Applied in renewable energy setups, including solar and wind power installations, ensuring dependable connections for efficient energy transmission.
  • Commercial Buildings: Integrated into electrical systems within commercial structures, supporting lighting, HVAC, and other critical systems that demand secure connections.
  • Telecommunications: Employed in telecommunications infrastructure, such as data centers or network installations, for stable and secure connections in transmitting critical information.
  • Power Distribution Networks: Used in various power distribution setups due to its capacity to accommodate larger conductor sizes, ensuring efficient electricity flow.

Item Features

  • Conductor Compatibility: Specifically designed to accommodate conductor sizes ranging from 6 AWG to 250 kcmil, ensuring versatility in connections.
  • Aluminum Alloy Build: Constructed with Electro-Tin Plated High Strength 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, offering durability, conductivity, and resistance to corrosion.
  • Single Conductor Design: Engineered for a single conductor, ensuring focused and reliable connections.
  • Temperature Rating: Rated for operation at temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius, ensuring suitability across diverse environments and systems.