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Aluminum Solar Combiner: Amplifying Your Solar Energy Production Efficiently

Aluminum Solar Combiner: Your Gateway to Enhanced and Efficient Energy Production

Introducing the Aluminum Solar Combiner - your definitive solution for merging multiple solar panels into a singular output, thereby amplifying energy production efficiency. Exquisitely crafted from premium aluminum, this combiner assures durability and excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring your solar energy assembly operates at peak efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Variants: Available in models ranging from 18 to 42 main ports, catering to diverse assembly sizes.
  • Compatibility: Harmonizes with an extensive array of solar panels and inverters, ensuring smooth integration.
  • Secure Grounding: Equipped with a trustworthy grounding system, bolstering safety and mitigating risks.
  • Effortless Installation: Accompanied by mounting apparatus, ensuring a hassle-free installation and maintenance experience.

Regardless of the size of your solar energy assembly, our combiner node with its 18-42 main ports caters to all, offering a Versatile Solar Energy Assembly. Specifically designed to be adaptable, it synchronizes with various solar panels and inverters, promising a seamless integration into your system. The combiner emphasizes safety with its robust grounding system, mitigating risks and potential equipment damage. Coupled with the provided mounting hardware, its design ensures a hassle-free installation and maintenance experience.

Dimensions (In Inches):

Variant Dimension G H L Mount Diameter Mount Spacing W
18 Ports 0.443 2.25 2.136 0.343 1.25 2.925
21 Ports 0.475 2.25 2.468 0.343 1.5 2.925

Why compromise on your energy production? Elevate your solar systems with our Aluminum Solar Combiner. Contact us for more information and elevate your energy production standards to new heights.

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