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Upgrade your audio setup with our compact and efficient Analog to Digital Audio Converter. Designed to bridge the gap between traditional analog and modern digital audio systems, it ensures seamless conversion of stereo audio signals for a superior listening experience.

Key Specifications:

  • Input: Analog stereo audio via R/L channels.
  • Output: Simultaneous Coaxial and Toslink digital audio.
  • Audio Format: 2-channel uncompressed LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation).
  • Sampling Rate: 48 KHz, ensuring high-fidelity audio reproduction.
  • Size: Compact design for easy integration into any audio system.
  • Installation: Straightforward setup process, no special tools required.


  • Versatile Use: Ideal for home theaters, gaming setups, or professional audio environments.
  • High-Quality Audio: Guarantees a pristine digital audio output, enhancing the overall sound quality.
  • Seamless Conversion: Effortlessly bridges analog and digital components within your audio system.

Whether you're looking to modernize your home audio setup or require a reliable audio conversion solution for professional applications, our Analog to Digital Audio Converter is your go-to choice for uncompromised audio quality.

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