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Eco-Friendly Cable Entry Housing for Solar Panels

Optimize your solar panel installations with our cable entry housing, the perfect solution for managing cables through roofs. Crafted from durable, recyclable ABS plastic, our product is not only eco-friendly but also UV resistant, ensuring your installations are protected against the sun's harmful rays. Its universal design fits almost any aluminum framed solar panel, simplifying the installation process and preserving valuable space without the need for extensive modifications. Moreover, our waterproof cable glands feature ridges for smoother cable insertion, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.

  • 100% Recyclable ABS Plastic: Eco-friendly and UV resistant for long-lasting protection.
  • Roof Cable Entry Solution: Ideal for safe and efficient cable management in solar panel installations.
  • Waterproof Cable Glands: Ensures a secure, waterproof seal for all your cabling needs.
  • Universal Solar Panel Compatibility: Designed to fit virtually any aluminum framed solar panel for easy installation.
  • Flexible Installation: Simplifies setup with its adaptable design, saving time and space.

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