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RJ45 Connector | RJ45 Cat5e 8P8C Modular Plug Shielded (50 pcs)

by Okta®
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SKU 960-148

Shielded Category 5 RJ45 Passthrough end plugs make cable termination fast, easy and convenient while letting you make Ethernet cables in custom lengths. The Okta connectors are compatible with virtually every model of RJ45 crimper tool and 24AWG cable. Designed to work with both stranded and solid CAT6 Cables.

RoHS, UL and FCC compliant RJ45 PassThrough Connectors. These Connectors

 RJ45 Passthrough technology optimizes cable termination, crimping and connections, leading to high level of productivity and resulting in time & cost savings. Our RJ45 Passthrough Connectors reduce the distance between wire twists and contacts.

Enables faster, simpler twisted pair terminations by allowing wires to be inserted through the connector and out the front. The cable jacket seats tightly in the rear of the connector. These durable Passthrough Connectors are ideal for all Category CAT5 compliant data networks.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rapid Cable Termination: Streamlined design for quick and hassle-free cable terminations.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with virtually every RJ45 crimper tool and 24AWG cable.
  • Dual Cable Compatibility: Specially designed to be compatible with both stranded and solid CAT6 cables.
  • Optimized Termination: The unique RJ45 Passthrough technology enhances cable termination and crimping, ensuring a stable connection every time.

Use Cases:

  • Custom Cable Creation: Ideal for projects that require Ethernet cables of specific lengths.
  • Efficient Networking: Perfect for setting up and maintaining high-speed data networks.
  • Professional Installations: Essential for technicians and network administrators looking to optimize their setups.
  • Reliable Data Transmissions: Ensure consistent and uninterrupted data flow in CAT5 compliant data networks.


  • RoHS Certified: Environmentally responsible product choice.
  • UL & FCC Compliant: Meets industry standards for safety and reliability.