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 Ethernet cable terminations with our premium Shielded Category 5 RJ45 Passthrough End Plugs. Perfect for creating custom-length Ethernet cables, these connectors are designed to boost your productivity, ensuring a seamless and reliable network setup.

Key Specifications and Features:

  • Fast and Efficient Cable Termination: Our connectors offer a streamlined process for quick and hassle-free cable terminations, saving you time and effort.
  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with virtually every RJ45 crimper tool and 24AWG cable, these connectors are versatile for any networking project.
  • Dual Cable Compatibility: Engineered to work perfectly with both stranded and solid CAT6 cables, offering flexibility for various installation needs.
  • Advanced Passthrough Technology: Features RJ45 Passthrough technology, which optimizes cable termination and crimping for a stable and secure connection every time.
  • Compliance with Standards: Fully RoHS, UL, and FCC compliant, ensuring that you're using products that meet rigorous safety and environmental standards.

Use Cases:

  • Custom Cable Creation: Tailor your Ethernet cables to the exact length needed for your projects, eliminating excess wire and ensuring a neat setup.
  • Efficient Networking: Ideal for constructing and managing high-speed data networks, enhancing connectivity and performance.
  • Professional Installations: An essential tool for technicians and network administrators aiming to streamline their network setups for optimum efficiency.
  • Reliable Data Transmissions: Guarantee consistent and uninterrupted data flow within CAT5 compliant data networks, crucial for maintaining connectivity and performance.


  • RoHS Certified: Our connectors are an environmentally responsible choice, minimizing harmful substances in electronic products.
  • UL & FCC Compliant: Adheres to industry standards for safety and reliability, ensuring your network's integrity.

Embrace the efficiency of our Shielded Cat5 RJ45 Passthrough End Plugs for your networking projects. Whether you're a professional technician, network administrator, or a DIY enthusiast, these connectors are designed to elevate your network's reliability and performance. Invest in quality and innovation for a seamless, high-speed data network.

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