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Keystone Insert | Cat6 Coupler, Unshielded, Black

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Okto Series Cat6 Keystone Coupler Jack


The Okto Series Cat6 Keystone Coupler Jack is a specialized connector designed for creating seamless network connections. Ideal for integrating into existing wall plates, this coupler facilitates a tidy and efficient setup for your networked systems. It's perfect for connecting various network devices in a home or office setting, ensuring a streamlined and organized cabling structure.


  • Connection Type: Female to female Cat6 pass-through
  • Compatibility: Fits standard RJ45 keystone cavities
  • Design: Snap-in installation, compatible with standard wall plates
  • Certification: UL Listed for safety and compliance

Use Cases

  • Home Networks: Connect devices like routers, computers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.
  • Office Networks: Ideal for linking workstations, printers, servers, and other networked office equipment.
  • Commercial Settings: Suitable for retail POS systems, networked security cameras, and other connected devices.

Installation Instructions

  1. Prepare the Wall Plate: Ensure the wall plate with the RJ45 keystone cavity is accessible and unobstructed.
  2. Remove Existing Keystone (if present): Carefully remove any existing keystone from the cavity.
  3. Align the Coupler: Hold the Cat6 keystone coupler with the RJ45 ports facing outwards.
  4. Insert into Keystone Cavity: Gently push the coupler into the RJ45 keystone cavity until it snaps into place securely.
  5. Connect Cat6 Cables: Attach Cat6 cables to both female RJ45 connectors of the coupler—one leading to the network device and the other to the receiving end.
  6. Test the Connection: Check the setup by connecting devices to ensure the network is functioning as intended.

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