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RJ45 Connector | Cat6 Feed through Modular Plug Unshielded 50 pcs

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Conversions Technology RJ45 modular connectors, a pinnacle of precision and quality in the realm of network infrastructure. Crafted meticulously from high-impact polycarbonate, these connectors are not only robust but also designed with a keen eye on facilitating seamless network installations and operations.

Unparalleled Design and Material

The connectors are constructed with precision-manufactured polycarbonate, ensuring durability and resistance against wear and tear, providing a long-lasting solution for your networking needs. The clear body of the connectors not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also significantly aids in ensuring optimal visibility, thereby expediting and simplifying field terminations.

Staggered Pin Configuration

The staggered pin configuration is meticulously designed to facilitate enhanced electrical performance and ease of wire insertion. This strategic alignment of pins ensures that the connectors support high-speed data transmission by minimizing cross-talk and enhancing signal integrity.

Wire Compatibility and Versatility

Designed to terminate 24-28 AWG solid wire, the CAT6 Okto Series RJ45 modular connectors offer a versatile solution compatible with both stranded and solid wire, providing you with the flexibility to utilize them in various installation scenarios and applications.

Compliance and Standards

Ensuring that your network performs at peak efficiency, these connectors not only meet but also exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA standards and Transmission Performance Specifications. This adherence to industry standards guarantees that your installations are aligned with professional and regulatory benchmarks.

Backward Compatibility

Ensuring a future-proof solution for your network installations, these connectors are backwards compatible with CAT5e installations. This feature allows for a smooth transition and upgrade from CAT5e to CAT6 without the need for comprehensive changes to existing network infrastructure.


The CAT6 Okto Series RJ45 modular connectors are available in a bag of 50, ensuring that you have ample quantity for small to medium-sized installation projects, while also facilitating ease of storage and transport.

Explore a world where precision, quality, and reliability converge with the CAT6 Okto Series RJ45 modular connectors, ensuring that your network installations are not only robust and compliant with industry standards but also crafted to deliver optimal performance.