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Cervit Post #2 - Reliable Grounding Electrode for Electrical Systems

Cervit Post #2: Grounding Electrode for Electrical Systems

Introducing the Cervit Post #2, a cornerstone of reliability and durability in the realm of grounding electrodes. Crafted meticulously from high-strength copper alloy, this post is equipped with a threaded metal rod ensuring a low-impedance pathway to earth, vital during short circuits or other electrical discrepancies.


  • Robust grounding electrode for electrical system stability
  • Constructed from high-quality copper alloy
  • Threaded metal rod for dependable low-impedance grounding
  • #2 gauge metal rod, guaranteeing safe current flow without system compromise

The gauge prominence of this Cervit post ensures it can manage substantial currents, ensuring system safety. Consequently, it emerges as the top pick for high-capacity grounding scenarios.


  • User-friendly installation process
  • High compatibility across diverse electrical setups
  • Resilience against corrosion, moisture, and wear
  • Extensive lifespan, even in demanding conditions
  • Cost-efficient grounding solution for electrical experts

Product Dimensions:

A/F Total Length Thread A Thread B
0.88 3.15 1/2" X 13 UNC 7/8" X 14 UNF

Wire Compatibility:

MIN: 2 AWG (STR) | MAX: 2/0 AWG (STR)

In essence, the Cervit Post #2 stands as a paragon in the realm of grounding electrodes, merging quality, efficiency, and durability. Its vast compatibility, combined with its resilience against environmental challenges, positions it as the top choice for electrical professionals.

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