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If you're looking for a top quality coaxial cable splitter, then you need the Conversions Technology 900 MHz Coax Splitter. This 3-way splitter is perfect for anyone who wants to split a CATV signal so that it can be used for more than one device. It's easy to install and supports frequencies from 5 to 900 MHz. Plus, the power passing port allows you to power in-line amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. So if you're looking for a high quality, easy to use coaxial cable splitter, then the Conversions Technology 900 MHz Coax Splitter is the perfect choice for you.



  • 3-Way
  • All Ports F-Type Female
  • All Port Power Passive
  • Supports 5 to 900 MHz
  • Grounding Block
  • Antenna and CATV compatible