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Complete Off-Grid On-Grid Solar Kit 4800 Watts with home back up LiFePO4 UL approved

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 6000 Watt Complete Solar System

Experience sustainable power like never before with Conversions Technology's 6000 Watt complete solar system. Perfect for both homeowners and businesses, this top-tier solution stands as a testament to the potential of renewable energy.

System Capabilities:

With an impressive output of 6000 watts, it promises substantial electricity generation. It's not just about generation; the system is engineered to maximize utilization – storing excess energy and even enabling you to contribute back to the grid.

Included Components:

  • Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Kit System
  • Neo 400W UL Solar Panels
  • 8KW HYBRID SOLAR INVERTER with UL1741 APPROVED split phase
  • 100' Red + 100' Black 10 AWG/Gauge Solar Cable
  • DC Combiner/Disconnect Breaker
  • MC4 Connector

Use Cases:

  • Residential Power: Equip homes with a sustainable and efficient energy source, reducing reliance on conventional power.
  • Business Infrastructure: Support business operations with consistent and green energy, lowering operational costs.
  • Energy Storage: Utilize the battery storage to ensure uninterrupted power, even when sunlight is minimal.
  • Grid Contribution: Connect to the grid and monetize excess energy, turning your establishment into a potential power contributor.

With ease of installation, top-notch technical support, and a user-friendly approach, the Conversions Technology 6000 Watt solar system ensures a seamless transition to a greener future.

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