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SR PS242A Power Inserter for Enhanced DBS Device Connectivity

The SR PS242A Power Inserter is specifically engineered to provide DC power delivery via coaxial cable, facilitating the operation of Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) devices that require DC voltages at their coax inputs or outputs. This advanced solution ensures that RF signals are transmitted through the power inserter with no compromise on signal integrity.

Key Features

  • DC Power Delivery: Allows for the injection of DC power into the coaxial system, powering up DBS devices efficiently.
  • RF Signal Compatibility: Ensures RF signals pass through without any loss, maintaining optimal signal quality and performance.
  • Coaxial Input/Output Support: Offers broad compatibility with various devices using coaxial connections for input or output.

Use Cases

  • Satellite TV Installations: Perfect for supplying power to satellite dishes or LNBs directly through the coaxial cable.
  • CCTV Systems: Simplifies the powering of CCTV cameras and accessories that require DC power over coax.
  • Remote Antenna Powering: Enables remote powering of antennas or amplifiers, reducing the need for additional power wiring.

The SR PS242A Power Inserter is an indispensable tool for ensuring efficient power distribution and signal transmission in satellite TV systems, CCTV networks, and other applications requiring DC power and RF signals over coaxial cables.

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