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The 98064 is a high-quality compression lug designed for secure and efficient electrical connections. With a conductor size of 8, a 1/4-inch bolt size, and a long barrel, this tin-plated lug ensures reliable performance and durability. The red color code adds easy identification, and the absence of a sight window streamlines the design for a sleek and practical solution in electrical applications.

Product Overview

The 98064 Compression Lug is engineered for optimal conductivity and longevity in electrical connections. Featuring a robust design with a conductor size of 8 and a 1/4-inch bolt size, the long barrel enhances the lug's performance. The tin-plated finish not only provides corrosion resistance but also ensures efficient electrical transfer. The red color code facilitates quick identification, while the absence of a sight window simplifies the lug's appearance, making it a reliable and user-friendly choice for various electrical installations.


  • Material: Seamless Electro-Tin Plated Copper
  • Color: Red
  • Overall Length: 1.687 Inch
  • Barrel Length: 0.812 Inch
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Voltage Rating: 35 kV
  • Conductor Size: 8 AWG
  • Stud Size: 1/4 Inch
  • Die Index: I-21
  • Pad Size: 0.68 Inch L X 0.486 Inch W X 0.093 Inch Thk
  • Pad Holes: 1
  • Barrel Type: Long Barrel
  • Insulation ID/OD: 0.179 Inch ID X 0.272 Inch OD
  • Barrel Entry: Chamfered
  • Temperature Rating: 90 Deg C

Uses and Cases 

  • Power Distribution Panels: The lug can be employed in power distribution panels to establish secure connections between conductors and distribute electrical power efficiently.
  • Industrial Machinery: In industrial settings, where heavy machinery and equipment require reliable electrical connections, the 98064 lug ensures a robust and durable solution.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: For solar panel installations or wind turbine systems, this lug can be utilized to connect and transfer electrical power effectively, thanks to its high-quality copper conductor and secure compression design.
  • Construction Projects: The lug is suitable for various construction applications, providing a dependable connection for wiring systems in buildings, ensuring safety and longevity.
  • Electrical Cabinets: In control cabinets and electrical enclosures, the lug facilitates the secure termination of conductors, ensuring a stable and dependable electrical connection.
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure: The lug can be used in the telecommunications industry for establishing reliable connections in equipment and infrastructure, supporting efficient data transmission.
  • Utilities and Power Grids: Across utility applications and power grid installations, the lug ensures secure connections for power transmission and distribution, contributing to the reliability of the electrical infrastructure.
  • Automotive Applications: In certain automotive electrical systems or modifications, the lug can be applied for secure connections, adhering to industry standards for safety and efficiency.
  • Marine and Aerospace: In marine and aerospace applications where electrical components require secure connections in challenging environments, the CLNS-8-14 lug's robust design makes it a suitable choice.
  • Data Centers: The lug can be used in data center infrastructure for connecting and grounding electrical components, contributing to the overall reliability and safety of the facility.

Item Features 

  • Seamless Electro-Tin Plated Copper: High-quality construction for enhanced conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Red Color: Easy identification for quick and efficient installations.
  • 1.687 Inch Overall Length: Provides ample space for secure conductor termination.
  • 0.812 Inch Barrel Length: Long barrel design for optimal performance and stability.
  • 35 kV Voltage Rating: Suitable for a wide range of voltage applications.
  • 8 AWG Conductor Size: Accommodates a variety of conductor sizes for versatility.
  • 1/4 Inch Stud Size: Compatible with standard stud sizes for ease of installation.
  • I-21 Die Index: Precision die index for consistent and reliable crimping.
  • 0.68 Inch L X 0.486 Inch W X 0.093 Inch Thk Pad Size: Adequate pad size for secure connections.
  • 1 Pad Hole(S): Designed for a single conductor termination for simplicity.
  • Long Barrel Type: Ideal for applications requiring an extended barrel for enhanced connectivity.
  • Size 0.179 Inch ID X 0.272 Inch OD: Precise insulation dimensions for effective electrical insulation.
  • Barrel Type Chamfered Entry: Facilitates easy and smooth conductor insertion.
  • Temperature Rating 90 Deg C: Suitable for applications with moderate temperature requirements.